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Hi mummies.. Any mommies here working shifts? Like morning afternoon and night shifts? My hubby is working from 9am til 6pm amd im gg back to work soon. Can share any tips on how you actually share the workload and how u guys arrange the timing to watch over ur babies? Thank u so much.

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I'm working full-time from home, taking care of my infant and also doing simple house chores, since morning wake up, when she was smaller, I put my baby on rocking chair, while I was working beside her, feed her on demand, change nappies on demand, play with her occasionally, as she is mobile now, can crawl/stand and also scream, i put her inside playyard whe she was awake, put her to sleep twice a day, so I can work peacefully. my hubby send my eldest girl to school in the morning, and also fetch her in the evening, then he cooks for her dinner. Sometimes I ask him to dabao for us for dinner, sometimes I cook.

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If u can get your parents step in to help during the transition period will be good.

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At least husband can pick from infant care after work

3y ago

Ok so suggestion is infant care right?

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If not try put baby in infant care