how to transit from ML to working again

hi hi mummies, how did u transition from maternity leave to working again? can share pls? i’m really dreading and afraid i cannot cope with working full time and then coming back to still latch/pump and look after baby. do u pump at night still? thanks for all sharing and advice!

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It’s tough! Physically, and especially emotionally. Physically: my work was very tiring. When I came home, I really wanted to rest, but also missed by baby so much and wanted to keep the milk supply going too, so I would quickly carry baby and latch on, no matter how tired I was. I had a good breastfeeding set up at home, such that Incould be hands free while feeding, and even if I fell asleep while feeding, baby wouldn’t fall. So sometimes I just slept with baby on my lap. Both of us were happy for that little bonding. Haha. While I was at home after work, I tried to latch on as much as possible, and leave the pumping to during work time, so I didn’t need to wash the pump and all that so many times. Just got it ready for the next day at work. Emotionally: this was even harder. Mum guilt, missing baby, also being tired at work because I was feeding baby during the night... had to really consciously regulate my mood and try to stay positive. Got through day after day by the grace of God 😅 Also having a good support system is very important. My husband was awesome, and I had enough understanding colleagues/bosses, especially when I had to leave work suddenly for urgent baby matters. It will be overwhelming for a while, then it’ll get better. Hang in there and just do your best. Don’t expect perfection, just take it step by step☺️

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2y ago

Thanks for sharing these tips! My ML is going to be over soon and i'm worried about the pumping and latching issue. Furthermore, im worried about how i need to balance work with all these as it can really get very tiring ☹️

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It takes time to slowly adapt! But I believe you can do it! No, I dropped my night pumps alr😂

3y ago

thanks, i’m really at a loss as baby’s feeding is erratic. seems like the rest of mummies also have problems as nobody else shared. or maybe they just aced it so well naturally.