Need tips on how to work from home at 29 weeks pregnancy.

Hi All, please share some tips on how to work from home (desk job) for 9am to 6pm without exerting myself. Back pain is real in 3rd trimester. Getting up from seat is not that easy as well. Have tried working from desk and bed (with foldable table). Turns out both are not easy. Thanks in advance 🙂🙏🏼

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I am currently going 39 wks tml, also working frm home and desk bound job. Due to the urgency of some work, i have been working late recently. So far i feel quite comfy sitting on my computer chair..i tink sitting on bed is quite terrible coz i tink more uncomfy. The only thing i feel is the occassional pressure below and tightness in my tummy..

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personally I have tried sitting on yoga ball and those pelvic support donut cushion during work at last trimester and it helps greatly. However, I will make it a point to get up to walk to washroom or kitchen every 1 hour so that I can move about to promote better blood circulation 😄

Hi! I work from home too and am currently 26+5w! I take small breaks and lie on my bed whenever I can. Also, take the opportunity to walk around your home and stretch out!

I am trying to go for more walks now than before, at 19 weeks I’m having bad backaches. Will see if some exercise helps