Hi mummies, my lo seen to have night sleeping problems, something seen to bother him like this, keep turn here and there non stop like difficulty sleeping.... I really dk what to do sometime... I'm so tired with it! Keep not enough sleep :((((

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How old is your LO? Perhaps your LO could be over-stimulated which resulted in becoming overtired and that makes it harder for them to sleep. Also it is also important to make sure your LO is comfortable with the temperature.

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could it be too full or too hungry? or too cold too hot? if everything has been addressed and u really really think is a sleeping issue then maybe can see doc? i think got some sleep clinic in KkH to detect one...:)

6y ago

np. that's if u really think there is a sleeping issue :) hope ur lo sleeps better soon

How old is your kid?? Is she taking too many naps at day time? In that case you can try to reduce the nap at day time and see it works

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Same as my son. sometimes i just ignore and continue to sleep. He can cry in the middle and shout. But with the eyes closed

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How old is lo? Does he cry? Its achy very normal. Try applying lavendar. It has calming effects.

Sometimes can be the room temperature. Diaper change or even over stimulation during the day.

6y ago

Maybe over stimulation. Do you have a bedtime routine?