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Hi mummies, I’m 28 weeks pregnant and still working. Lately my baby is super super active during the night and im having trouble sleeping. How do you mummies cope with such circumstances when you have to wake up early morning and prepare for work 😣 It’s a good thing that my baby is kicking and being active but I’m really really tired and getting super exhausted from not having enough sleep. I literally look like a zombie while typing this whole thing out 🧟‍♀️ #firstbaby #bantusharing #advicepls #momcommunity

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I always play Mozart music for my baby to listen before sleep, and when I sleep I’ll tell my baby that’s it’s night time and mommy needs to sleep. She still moves but not as much. But also I think I’m just too exhausted to realise she’s moving and can’t be bother about it. Just sleep through it is what I’ll usually do. I’ll rub my tummy if she moves and fall asleep. Hahah

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I usually slept sideways.. Not sure if this help. But most of the time i was too exhausted and slept all the way even if baby is pretty active

I feel you. It’s very tiring at this point. Can you try to take leave to rest at home for a week or so?

sleep on your left side & it’s better if u hug your bolster. it works, really!!!

cut down on caffeine, and try to do some relaxing stretches before you sleep

sleep on ur left. play soothing music before u sleep. that's for baby to hear too

Best to sleep on the left side. It feels better.