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Hi mummies will like to check im pregnant for 9 weeks sinces 2 days I'm having bad sore throat. Its pain and itchy. Can advise me how can I get rid of this? Can i see the doctor to take some medication or got any home remedy?

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I tried home remedies it didnt work for me. I just recovered from a very awful and annoying flu, cough and itchy sore throat. I couldnt stop coughing all day coupled with a flu and when i would wake up in the mornings, the phlegm built up even more each time it turned greenish and sticky! It took me 6 days to give up trying at home, in the end i went to nearby clinic and got meds, I got better within 12 hours and itchy sore throat got way better. By the way it was my worst flu ever, my cousin had the same when she was pregnant.

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Omg I went to see the doctor he gave me medication too. Happy to hear you are feeling better now.

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Gargle with warm salt water multiple times a day. Drink honey (with umf will be better). These are what I do. It will slowly resolve. However if your sore throat is very unbearable and not able to eat at all, better consult doctor for medication.

Can try drinking honey lemon or almond drink. Let your doctor know you are pregnant. They will prescibe you with medication safe for pregnancy.

Honey lemon drink works for me. Actually u can take lozenges too, my gynae says it's fine to take.

Try manuka honey. Take 1 teaspoon in e day and at night b4 sleep. Works well for me

Drink honey lemon warm... It's good

Thank you mummies

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U can see dr.

Drink honey

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Drink honey