Any mummies in similar situation? I don't like to ask in laws for help to take care of lo because it's also a strain on them even if they say it's ok. On the other hand, I'm feeling very burnt out and hubby cannot really help due to working hours, how do you deal with it?

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What about ur own parents? I was initially like that but it's not really strain on my in-laws, it's really more abt me not really wanting to let them take care. But hey, u know what, it is SO IMPORTANT to have me time to prevent burnt out. My husband helps but he is not v effective kind. So my mil will come 2-3 days a wk in the evening for a few hrs or sometimes it's 1 whole day - so I get to exercise and go out and whatever.

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I have no parents nor any external in laws or both internal and external help. Even on the day i was in the labour, there was no help available. I have 2 boys. 3 years old and a 7 month old. Its tiring. Many times i wonder how i did it as well. Oh well, like Nike says Just do it.