How long after C-Sect can you have another child?

Hi all, I had my first child via normal delivery with forceps more than 10 years ago, but until today, I am still afraid of the pain/process. I'm now already in my late 30s and pregnant with my 2nd child and want to give birth via c-sect. I wish to have another child if I can, but how long after c-sect can we get pregnant again? I don't wish to wait another 2-3 years as l'll be 40s. Any mummies got pregnant again within 1.5 years after c-sect?

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hi. :) gynaes would advise to wait till the 2nd year mark before trying but I've seen cases where the couple tried close to the 2 years mark. I guess it really depends on your body. I personally would just go for it & try again after 1.5 years. furthermore, it takes time to get conceived again.

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Yeah true, I took more than 1 year to conceive this time 😄. But maybe sometimes v weird, when taking it easy, then it will come 😅

My sister got pregnant 4 months after her first child. It was indeed risky. But she push through and didn't abort. Her kids are 11 months apart but born different year. She also go through c section for both. At her very last lap, her wounds almost open up causing the tingling pain.

Doctors recommend waiting for 18-24 months before trying but I got pregnant 9 months after my first c sect. My kids are 18 months apart. Another of friend of mine got pregnant 6 months after her first c sect and she is fine too.

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The closer it’s the higher risk it will be. Recommended gap will be 2 years. It gives time for your inner wound to heal. Otherwise if you go less than 2 years as the belly getting bigger there is a chance for scar rupture.

My first was emergency csect. Gynae advised to start trying for second (if keen) only after my child turns 1. But I waited closed to 2 years before trying again

I heard from my Gynae that after c-sect must wait till 18 months before conceiving again. It’s important to build up your body and let the layers of skin heal

You could use epidural and go for normal delivery if you plan to have another soon. C sect may have risks if not too far apart?

1st c sec at age of 40, 2nd c sec after 2years