Effects of natural birth on pp sex

Hi mommies, I heard that pp sex is never the same again after a natural birth delivery (with the V* muscles cut and stitched back). Is that true? Any mommies have turned to C-sect for this reason? 😢

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I had natural birth delivery. For me we did it regularly after 2months pp. The first month was painful. But slow and easy. At first I thought it’s gonna be loose or something. But hubs said yes a bit loose when inside already, but still feels the same. You have to be open with your partner. Take it slow and easy. Don’t wham bam at the first part hahaha!

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i feel like if u let it heal completely it shldnt affect anything? husband and me still gg like jack rabbits pp after making sure that im properly healed mentally and physically from the birth.

It’s not so much of the stitches. More of like your vagina becomes not as tight as before. You can practice kegel to tighten your muscles there.

It’s the same or tighter . Although I feel that it helps even more to regain back with kegel exercises….

I feel even tighter after birth. Initially i was worried too but all seems fine.

I feel the same tho