Confinement Nanny Job Scope

Mummies I'm due in June and is my first time hire a confinement nanny due to my mum and in law can't help. Previously 2 preg was done by my mum so I'm quite don't bother much. What I know confinement nanny will help to do cleaning after cooking at kitchen, twice a week sweep and mop the floor, clean my and baby clothes, cook 3 meals and looking after baby. When those scope r done what nanny do? Sleep or play hp or?? At night do u let baby sleep with nanny? And when baby wakes up for milk she will carry over to u bf? Mostly nanny will be using my daughter room during the stay. Do they keep their clothes in the wardrobe as it's own house? I'm so sorry I'm quite lost, unfamiliar and uncomfortable with a unknown person in house ? my husband is working mid night rough job when he reach home at noon he won't be able to stay awake too long so mostly I'm on my own ?

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Super Mum

my CL not only took care of me & my baby phsically but mentally as well... wishing u the very best for your confinement 💕

2y ago

When there is free time what does ur CL do?