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How do i increase more supply for breastmilk? It's been 2 weeks and I haven't been getting enough milk or no milk at all! 😭 Since my 3rd week pp, one of the day I didn't eat much, milk totally decrease from that day onwards. I ate rice, soup and vegetable alot and hot water during confinment but my milk is still not increasing. I don't really latch my lo as she dosent know how to drink properly and quite impatient and with the current situation of my milk supply won't be able to latch her as she don't get any milk. I did express my milk but its sad that I don't really have much milk compare to a few weeks ago. It's been only a month since I give birth, and I don't want to stop producing milk Any advice? I tried lactation drink before, it does help but I only for awhile and I managed to pump till 30ml only and hasn't been increasing 😭 Expressing my breast, dosent even reach a spoonful and it gets depressing. #firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls #pleasehelp #pregnancy

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I also had problems latching my ger. She latched till i had a black nipple on my right in the hosp! After that i had to nurse it.. so i always feed on the left for the time being. Latching didnt last long coz we pumped into bottles instead. Took fenugreek, lactation cookies n etc as well but my gaps between my pumps are really huge so i know why my supply isnt increasing! Its like 8/9 hours gap n i only manage to get 120ml (sometimes)! My ger is now coming 7 wks old… i cannot meet her demand and also feeling stressed althou i am mixed feeding. Was told to try power pumps and try pumping every 2/3 hours. But i really cant find the time because my ger refuses to slp!

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