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Hi mummies! I'm a first time mum and my LO is 10 weeks old now. I alternate between latching on demand and bottle feeding EBM. My LO has been throwing a fuss with bottle and refuses to drink from it. The most she only takes about 20-30mls then stops drinking. I have tried getting hubby and my mum to feed with the bottle but baby still struggles to drink. I was using avent natural, avent anti-colic and now have switched to hegen bottle too. She was okay with the hegen bottle for the past few weeks.. till last week she started refusing this bottle too.. I also notice that she has alot of gas. I am returning to work next month and I need to source a suitable feeding bottle for her asap. Any suggestions for feeding bottles? How to know if a teat is slow flow, medium flow etc and how to assess which type of teat she will need? Thanks in advance for all your suggestions!! ?

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Trial and error. Using hegen since birth. DR Brown also 1 of the recommendation from mummies but my LO didn't like it. Fussy when u feed or applies to your hub and mum too? Cause sometimes LO wants comfort, they can smell mummy's milk hence they tend to be fussy during bottle feeding when we feed them. But when other ppl feed they drink normally

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I'm using Hegen bottles. The flow of the teat is indicated on the packaging, not sure if we will be able to tell by looking at the teat itself. But at 2mo, my baby was also fussing when using the bottle so we changed to medium flow teats and we havent had any problems since then - baby is 7mo now

Hello! Same thing happened to mine, was using phillips avent teat 2 changed to 3 but she cried murder every bottle feed. We decided to use Pigeon cuz had some newborn bottles at home (teats are super soft) and it kinda worked. You can try!

Thank you mummies for all your suggestions! I tried pigeon ppsu bottle and baby finally accepted it. 😁


Is it cos the teats is too slow flow for your baby? My baby reject milk cos the flow is slow.

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I'm using advent bottle. Initially was number 1 I realize she don't want to drink or drink halfway stop so I went to get 3 to try out. Starting they won't get used to it but after a few tries she's OK and start drinking normally again. I'm not sure about medium flow or what but I just skip diff baby react differently. So must really try and you will know.

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Have you tried pigeon? It works well for my LO! :)

Pigeon wide neck ppsu bottles.

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Trial and error