Baby refusing bottle feeding

Baby is 3months old and refusing bottle. She started mix bf and bottle feeding when she was 1 month old but it was a mistake for me to give her full bf after the first month. Now im returning to work and she completely refuse bottle. Tried all kind of bottles, teats and formula. Is there a way or anyone i can consult on this? I am willing to do anything for my baby to be able to bottle feed before i go back to work next month. Desperate and depressed FT mom

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Leave the room or even the house, let someone try to feed her with the bottle without sensing your presence. Babies are smart, if they know you’re gonna be there, give in and feed, they will refuse the alternatives. You can offer the boob at night, then let someone else feed her in the day. That way, you can still continue to latch her even when you start working (after work).

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