Avent anti colic bottle

Hi mummies anyone using avent’s anti colic bottle for their baby? Ive been using avent natural bottles since born and recently tried the anti colic one as he got gas and colic but baby kind of dont like the bottle or the teat. He’s having a little difficulty trying to suck the milk out using the teat and gets tired ? And doesnt finish his milk. Should i just stick to avent natural?

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I have tried both types. For my first is classic and for my second is anti colic. You can try to change the teat size. FYI I removed that green thing inside and change the teat size 🤣 because it should fit my LO preference.

I’m using avent natural response. Tried the anti colic one but baby doesn’t seem to enjoy it plus it has one more part to wash and assemble. Sticking to natural response.