Fussy while drinking milk from bottle

Hi parents. My 2months old baby tends to fuss around, cry and stick tongue out during milk time. It is not that she is full (as she only drank 10ml then start to fuss). So she will drink a bit, then start turning head here and there, stick out tongue. She will also drink abit then crying, then I will need to comfort her a bit and she drink a bit again then cry again. So I need to stand, pat her, rock her while feed her. Almost all feeds are like that. Is she having colic or dislike the milk bottle? I am using Phillip Avent with teat no. 1 (increase from no. 0 as we thought is teat issue).

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Happened to my baby as well. At first I thought it was colic too or reflux. We also upsized his teat size. With frequent burping his condition improved. Just try to burp her before feeding her again. Can continue size 1 coz if the flow is too slow she might have to suckle very hard and swallow in more air. But you can still control the flow by lowering the milk bottle

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likely colic. can try going back to 0 cos the flow may be too fast