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Hi mummies! I'm 8 weeks pregnant right now ,and having severe vomiting ,to the point that i cant eat or drink anything without vomiting it out . I tried to keep it in but always feel very nauseous after eating or drinking and will end up vomiting . Are there any home remedies for this ? Any drinks or food to take ? Its been going on for 3 weeks , was admitted to the hospital 2 weeks ago but after discharge ,the vomiting came back . The medicines didn't work too .

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U ask gynea for Dicletin delay release. I am exactly like you. Can't eat or drink anything. Severe vomiting. Admitted in hospital also. Gynea prescribe this to me. It controls the vomit but nausea and light headed is still there. Currently 13 weeks. Hope you will get better soon.

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Glad to hear that.. Do take note that the medication will cause light headed but it'll be manageable. Better than puking all the time. Take advantage of this medication and eat well. Take care!

No matter what you still need something fr yr baby nutrients. Try eating honey? Or dates? Or crackers. Just light bites.

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It'll get better in the 2nd trimester. Hang in there!

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I'll get better during Trimester 2.