Nausea and vomiting during first trimester

Hi ladies, #firsttimemom here at 10 weeks. Been having nausea since 6 weeks and gag everytime I try to drink water. The nausea got worse around week 9-10 and I gag more often but I always try to stop myself from actual vomiting. Wonder if you guys feel better after vomiting? Should I just let it out instead of suppressing it? Also, any other remedies to deal with the nausea and lack of water? I have tried drinking honey/ lemon water and 100Plus but always end up with a weird aftertaste in the mouth (I googled and seems like folic acid is the culprit here) :(

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It is indeed common during first tri you will have vomitting, nausea. It will be over soon as you enter next phase of trimester. But depends on individual body. You can let your gynae know and if they are able to prescribe with nausea med to lessen vomitting/nausea. Try to trial and error with some food that you like. It can be dry food, snacks, drinks etc. It may help to deal with the vomitting/nausea.

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i felt so pain in my throat n chest after vomiting.. not really a feel better tbh... i tried stomach settler by blackmores tht only contains ginger when it is really not bearable. banana n avocado also helps to relieve the nausea.

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ive seen some mothers on youtube mentioning they drink vitamin water to replace water since they couldn’t stomach it and it kinda helps them to stay hydrated. vitamin b12 as a supplement could also help to ease the nausea