Still vomiting at 16 weeks 4 days

Started vomiting at week 6. At that point of time i was vomiting whatever i ate. Got better somehow at week 12 / 13 then it came back. But this time i throw up some food. And its all day nauseous. Now im 16 weeks and 4 days im not quite sure when it will stop. Its very tiring and it really demotivates me to do work. Drains my energy and sleepy all the time. Usually when does your vomiting stops? Or is there anything that can help my situation? #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Maybe u wanna narrow down to ur diet intake and ur activities? I was feeling all miserable wk 9 to wk12 and I read on abt the types of food we need to look out for that triggers the nausea and vomitting, and also to take bouts of fresh air, like maybe walk outside ur home, do light exercise like walk for 30mins and also do simple yoga for relaxation. I tried since wk13 to currently wk 15, and it's getting better as the vomitting really minimise and i feel more normal. I went on plain biscuits, bread with peanut butter or jam, plain cereals with milk, rice with simple egg.. always feeling hungry but i cannot think of the toilet Bowl so I force myself wat plain.

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Hi, is better to check with gynae. Normally they will have a medicine to stop the nausea but you will feel drowsy after taking it. Some mommy will have morning sickness twice like 1st and 3rd trim. So it varies between individual. I got the medicines to stop my nausea caused I have it for 3 weeks and I just get nausea even just by taking MRT, I puke out everything I ate as well.

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3rd trimester too? Oh lord. I’m in week 12 and I’m so tired of vomiting already. Even with doc meds. /raisewhiteflag

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Hey Mama, every pregnancy is different so it’s hard to say when it’s suppose to stop. Some women unfortunately experience it throughout pregnancy. Perhaps bring it up at your next gynae visit? I believe there are medications that can help with nausea.

I had the same and had morning sickness till week 21. Try to diclectin.. this works wonders and should help you to feel better. Good luck!