Hate of plain water

I’m currently at 10w3d and I’m having a very bad nausea and vomiting feeling every time I tried to drink plain water. Be it warm or hot or even cold. The last I see my gynae was 2 weeks ago and she recommended I tried to substitute with 100 plus. I tried but everytime after I finish drinking 100 plus my mouth feels very bitter and it caused another nausea feeling. I tried other drink like fruit juice etc and all have the same bitter after taste which makes me feel like vomiting. Any other mummy experienced the same thing? Wondering is there any solution to this?

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I learnt something abt this bitter taste in our mouth. I read its all got to do with the progesterones, dehydration and our acid reflux too. So what I wil usually do whenever I start to taste that bitter part, I will force vomit out, and the most bitter liquid will get churned out from my body and I feel so much relieved that I can just then eat anything or drink anything I want. Don't swallow that bitter saliva it wil cause u to gag. At 10w to 12w with this bitter thing going on, I was spitting out every 10 to 15secs for 2 to 3x a day, that I wish I could just sleep it off.

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same, neaseous with even plain water in morning. super cold water in small sips or chewing ice cubes does help a little while flavored drinks will make it worse n cause bitter/sour/metallic taste. will frequently wash mouth and gaggle with listerin to remove the taste. need to try out different drinks to see which work for u. it will get better over weeks, hang in there. till now im still having the gross taste on my tongue at 17th weeks.

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Sounds bad but I’m so glad to have people who are experiencing the same as me! At week 8 I vomit after each sip of water. Now at week 11 I am drinking 100plus for 3 weeks already but only about 500ml intake each day. Milo works sometimes, but it’s a hit or miss. Avocado milk works sometimes too! I’ve tried bubble tea and I can stomach it down, if I am too full, the vomit taste sweet as well hahahahaha

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Same. But I could stomach really ice cold water or iced drinks. So I rely on those to hydrate. Am at week 11 now. And week 9-10 was the worst for me. I was vomiting even drop of water I drank. Now I’m much better though not totally out of the woods. Gynae says it’s normal as I can still keep fluids down. But if it’s really bad, u might want to check in with your gynae.

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I had that until about 16weeks in. I had to rely on flavoured drinks such as ginger tea, lemon water, honey lemon water, lime water, barley, roasted barley tea, fruit juices, fruit tea, 100plus, lemongrass tea. Anything else with flavour. And I’ll usually have sliced pickled him ginger or a lemon candy or ginger candy in my mouth. Hang in there! It will pass :)

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Me tooo! I try to force myself to take little sips at a time. You need to hydrate yourself. Ribena, Honey water and clean soup (such as corn, lotus soup) works for me. You may have to try an error. I tried honey lemon but my stomach couldn’t take the acidity of the drink and vomited it out. I’m now at 14wk and back to be able to drink water:) hang in there!

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can try super diluted ribena. nowadays it is not so sweet anymore. or take some caffeine free tea.


me too, but i'm ok to drink cold water from fridge without ice... only that i can drink😆

ginger honey, ginger lemon or ginger rock sugar... maybe u cn give it a try tho...

For me lemon water works. Maybe u can try adding a few slices of lemon