Vagina Infection

Hi mummies... I was told that I have vagina infection. The doctor gave me anti-biotic and some pill to insert to my vagina. But I am currently pregnant 21 weeks. I am scared it will harm the baby.... has anyone ever insert the pill into their vagina during pregnancy?

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Me here! Nah is fine for the baby it protects that from being infected my bacteria when giving birth. I inserted it before just feels uncomfortable. You can ask ur husband to do it for u cause with the stomach is difficult to see and it might drop down. Pls lie down when u are doing it, it came out quite a number of times for me. And the antibotic u must rmb to finish it. During yhe delivery they will give u dripping too. Dont worry i have ask the doctors there wont be any side effects. Is common for pregnant women to have vagina infection just rmb to wash often to prevent it from coming again

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The doctor knows best. There's a reason why they got so high in education, they are expert in that. Do you know that infection can reach to the baby if you don't treat it right? Plus the doctor WILL EXPLAIN to you before doing so. They won't do anything to harm the baby

3y ago

Unfortunately my doctor never explain just ask the nurse to pass to me👍🏻

Just ended my 10 consecutive days of inserting the pill-like into the vagina..phew! Hehe had the help of my husband for it though, lie down and continue to lie down even after inserted and sleep it off through the night 🤗

It will not harm the baby. I had an infection as well and i inserted the pill twice and it was gone. Please listen to the doctor

NOT ME but my friend had it.. she was pregnant with twins sumore. But she had swift delivery and the babies are healthy. :)

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Yup I had the medicine to insert too. Won’t harm the baby. It gets absorbed when it’s in the vagina. Won’t reach the baby.

3y ago

Thank you!

Same thing happened to me! I completed the course and the discharge is now visibly lesser! Just trust the doctor. :)

Doctor gave me the pessary to insert but i didnt use. I wash below w warm water and use feminine wash and it was ok

Really? Never heardof unless inducing during birth. Maybe you wanna try check with another clinic?

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the insert one is better than the oral one, cos medicine that you eat will goes to the baby