First trimester

Hi Mummies, i have had just tested positive for pregnancy few days ago and this is my first pregnancy.. I have a few qns to ask. 1) Is it normal to feel bloated/gassy during this time? As i keep passing out gas. When will it get better? 2) What are the kind of food that i should eat and avoid and food that is highly recommended to consume? 3) Is Maternal Milk a must to drink? 4) When does the feeling nausea/morning sickness starts to come in?

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Super Mum

1) normal and it will come and go. Cause your body is making room for baby so lots of air gets pushed out 2) reduce on processed and unhealthy food, preserved food. Cut down on high mercury fish. Everything in moderation. Take folic acid in first trimester and prenatal vitamins in second trimester onwards. 3) I don’t agree with any maternal milk as I personally feel that a healthy and balanced diet is sufficient. 4) usually kicks in at 8weeks to 14weeks, but don’t sweat it if you don’t have it!

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congrats mummy! 1)normal! I'm still facing it at 30 weeks pregnant.. 2) avoid raw food, processed, sugary drinks. more veggies and water! folic acid or prenatals 3) I don't drink maternal milk, just regular milk for calcium intake. 4) it depends.. mine came mid first trimester, went away at 2nd trimester and now occasionally during 3rd tri

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4mo ago

I drink meiji.. and I drink the strawberry flavour cause the normal milk makes me nausea.