Nausea 2nd trimester

Anyone experiencing nausea even in 2nd trimester? I’m few days to 16weeks, feeling sick and nauseous when nightfalls (starts 7-8ish in the night). Tend to vomit when taking a shower at night too. Just feel really awful and whole body just weak when night comes. My first trimester I had nausea all day long (on and off), but was hardly vomiting except on a few occasions. 2nd trimester then started to vomit in the night. I know some people may have morning sickness even after the first trimester, but is it normal to feel sick and weak all night and only at night. What can I eat or do to strengthen my body?

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Yes it is possible to only have morning sickness at night only. I have morning sickness throughout my first tri but felt my worst at night at bedtime and vomit in the middle of the night for most days. Currently in 2nd tri, im only feeling nauseous and occasional vomit from 4am - 7am. 😅 disrupting my sleep. U can try taking diclectin (morning sickness med) from gynae.

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It Shd go away soon.. if still not going away.. maybe at night don’t take so much carbo.. eat more protein and drink 100 Plus to prevent dehydration. Take care.

I'm in my 36th weeks and still puking. Only if i eat before brushing my teeth or if i eat too full.

I suffered from morning sickness in all three trimesters. It was terrible ...😪😪