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Hi mummies I have been staying in my husband house with his parents ever since we got married and our conflicts are getting worse. They don't even let me carry my own child and are very two faced in front of my husband. Yet my husband never once stand up for me. Constant restrictions etc on how I raise and discipline my child, I really don't know how to continue staying with them plus I'm preg with a second child things are just getting worse :(

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Think about what you want to do now. Do you want to move out? Or do you want to stay? Who is looking after your baby? Your in-laws? Is there any other option? After that share your options with your husband. Give him options. Tell him again what is worrying you. If he doesn’t bother about your feelings and saying you’re just being petty, give him the ultimatum. It’s either he talk to his parents about his child being raised and disciplined by the mother of his child (YOU) or you look for legal ways to sort the matter out for you. Because ultimately, you’re the mother of his child, not his parents. Even if you go to court, the mother usually has the last say to her children especially if they’re young. I really hate to hear about in-laws or own parents having so much say in the upbringing of one’s child. It’s not like the mother of the child is incapable of looking after her own kid. Please be stern and tell your husband you do not like when his parents interfere and meddle too much on the upbringing of your child. If he shrugs it off then just secretly seek for help via family social services and get it over and done with this kind of toxic family. Do something about the situation, don’t keep mum as a mother to your kids. Otherwise just suck it up and follow their lead. I’m telling you, it’s just gonna get worse. Soon they’ll say you’re not fit to be a mother and then poison your husband to let you go.. sorry but this could be already in their heads.

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Hi mummy, things must have been tough for you;( conflict with in-laws is definitely a tricky issue. I too will be really upset if I cannot raise my child the way I want to, at the end of the day the child belongs to you. Continue to stand firm with the way you wish to raise your child, make known to them (respectfully) that this is one thing that you won’t give in. But I think most importantly is that your husband is agreeable with you. It will be hard if he don’t agree or chose to be by the side. I believe you are already doing your best and sometimes sadly, despite our best effort, some things (or people) might not change. If really cannot, use your husband’s credit card to book hotel and stay until things are resolved. This way, he confirm will step in, hahaha! 🤣 (an advice given by my ex-colleague) Cheer up and take lots of care ya! Hope things will get better for you and your family!

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I have problem with my mother in law. when she help me to take care of the baby she did all the thing that harm to my baby.. eg. feed him potato chip when my baby just reach 6mths old and let him watch phone too and she think she is doing correctly and even say me why am I not letting my baby watch phone. I have been telling her nicely have to be control it n reject it but she treat me like transparent. I really don't like her. now my baby thing I ownself do n take care even though I'm tired after working.

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I can imagine :( It's really not a great situation to be in. Try to communicate calmly with your husband about the discomfort and frustrations you've been facing. Let him know the stress is getting to you and that's not good for the baby inside you now. Ask him to stand up for you and be a team with you. Gotta do these with a neutral tone though, not confrontational. Don't let it escalate into a quarrel.

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Who are they to stop u from carrying ur own child? So what they are your hubby’s parents? They hv no rights to do so! Don’t worry about it your hub will believe u or not, just tell him what u hv been facing! Sometimes men really needs us to “knock” their head to wake up especially on children related. I’m behind u babe!! ❤️

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close one eyes or move out, that's the only solutions discuss with your husband, most importantly let him know your feeling and the seriousness/consequences if things continue to be like this

I am able to relate to this . For mine, my husband's parents tried to use us ( me and the child ) for monetary benefits. argh. But i left that house alr , w my child .


i always believe 相见容易,同住难 no matter how nice anyone can be. staying with as little people as possible definitely reduces conflict.

try talking to your husband. worst case tell him that you wanna move out.

Hang in there mummy!