Hi mummies, I am feeling upset. My baby girl ( now 5 months plus) prefer my Husband alot. When papa is with her, she won't cry . He can bath , change, feed her she won't cry at all. But when baby is with me, she will cry when I change , feed her etc. :( This is so sad. Papa need to be within her sight or be the one attending to her . She will cry loudly if were me. I try to build bonding between us by talking and playing and feeding but it is so difficult cuz she keep Crying . Btw I am a EBM mum. No latching. Anyone experience this too ? Will they out grown this stage ? From a heartbroken mum.

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Hello there. I am in the same situation as you. My son is also 5 mths old and i am pumping exclusively, fed thru bottled. He tends to be closer with the Daddy. I was upset initially, esp when he cries profusely when i am alone with him but he is fine when left alone with my mum or husband. However, i grew to be thankful esp after i went back to work. My husband usually knocks off earlier than me and i wouldnt need to worry much leaving him with Daddy. Instead of being too mindful that he is closer than daddy, i will try to engage him as much as possible by making funny faces, singing and dancing. He enjoys it, though when given a choice he still chooses Daddy. Anyway i grow to know babies are very adaptable so dont worry.. at each stage it could be different too. 🙂

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Thank you for sharing. I just worries that this will continue when they grow up