Hi mummies, may I check if this is considered fresh blood? Been having spotting (brown blood) for the past week, went back to gynae and was told that slight spotting is normal due to third pregnancy and that cervix is slightly open. Am at 11 weeks coming 12 now.

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Try seeking another option. I’ve had this previously and for spotting, it’ll only last a couple of days not weeks. Mine was weeks and found out later part it was a sign of miscarriage. Please seek other medical attention.

Please go see yr gynae. I had the same bleeding as you & went to see the gynae. Doc said it was because i had an infection 😣

Maybe you might want to want to consider seeking second opinion.

Should go see gynae Second opinion

seek advice from another gynae .

Please seek medical advise....

Pls seek advice from Gynae

Maybe you should got for 2nd opinion with another gynae.