1 month old doesn’t nap a lot

Hello mummies May I ask if it’s normal that my one month old baby doesn’t nap much? She usually nap about 10-20 mins for 2-3 times a day max. Is it normal?

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Experiencing the same thing now. Baby not taking proper naps in the day since 2 weeks old . Always fussing and wants someone beside him!

12mo ago

Haha! Will get better! My daughter is 22 months now and she naps 2-3 hours a day. But I have to nap with her 😂 then she will nap longer. If not about 1-1 and half hour only.

Yes normal. So I will eat within the 20 to 30mins she's napping. Or bathe the next 20 to 30mins nap cycle. Tedious but jiayou!

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Same like my little one 😅 I went to the doctor and they say it's normal.. sometimes baby are too active

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It is normal as they can't drink too much milk and don't feel full. So wake up often

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Yes normal, it gets better as they grow older

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Will get better when hit 5 month

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