My baby is 3 weeks old. She is keep waking up in the middle of her day nap. She only nap for 15-20 min and wake up crying. Is that normal?

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My 3weeks baby also the same. Handcarry her she sleep very soundly. But she awake immediately when put her on the cot.

Hey , The baby is very much used to your body's warmth and smell. Hence better would be to take a nap with the baby

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Try sleeping with her when she is napping. She may wake up crying as she misses the smell and comfort of your body

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Are you breast feeding? Latch on demand. Do also check whether she has colic, n urine n poo Color.

3y ago

Yes I'm on BF, i pump out for her to drink.. I read online she seem like has some symptoms for colic. Her urine and poo is fine.