Breast Pain

Hi Mummies. I am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant today. Yay! Quick question, is it normal to have breast pain on the left? I tried to catch my breath but theres a sharp pain too on the left. Is it normal? Worst when i lie down on my left as well. I wanna cry so badly..... ?

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Sorry for commenting on a 2 years post. But did anyone suffer same for second pregnancy? I have sore boobs too in first pregnancy. But it didn't start in first tri. I'm currently 8wks in my second pregnancy. The sore boobs feels like breast engorgment feeling. Feels very stuffy. Is it normal? Super pain when gently touch.

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I have similar kind of pain but later on in pregnancy when baby is already bigger. Asked my gynae and he said because baby is pressing on my ribcage. But for you it's very early so maybe you should ask your gynae. Take care

Thank you mummies. It went off the next day, thank god. It was a stressful night but i pulled it thru. Thank you mummies ❤️

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Great to know! I had it early on in first trimester, then it went away!


I had breast pains at about week 5 to 6 also. Fuking painful until I had to wear bra to sleep for the support. It sounds normal.

Hey, Yes it is normal and it will be fine soon. Keep observing it though and consult your gynae if still an issue

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Hey.. it’s very common actually. Take panadol if it’s really bad? Hang in there. It gets better soon:)

yes i got that too. try to breathe gently and tell your gynae.

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You want to check with gynae as its sharp pain.

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Best to check with your gynae asap

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Normal. Rest well!