Stomach pain and back pain

Hi I am at week 24 currently but could not sleep tonight due to weird stomach pain especially when i tried to lie on my left side or right side. I feel least pain when I lie flat on bed. Could not sleep because of this. Felt abit like cramping. Back feeling a bit achy as well. Is this normal? About two weeks back I could not lie on my left side as well and doc said it was muscular pain reason. But today the abdomen felt pain when I lie on my sides as well. #advicepls #firstbaby

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Try putting more pillows behind and sleep at an elevated angle. Maybe some of your organs have accidentally shifted to an unusual position and you are pressing on it when sleeping. Sleep sitting up for a while or at an angle may help relief some pressure on that organ and if you're lucky may help push it back to the right position?

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I have had the same discomfort! Also currently at 24 weeks. Could you be constipated? There was one night I couldn’t fall asleep at all because I kept feeling I was crushing BB no matter which side I flipped to. Then the next morning I realized I just had to poop. Maybe the poop was pressing against making everything uncomfortable.

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1y ago

I felt better this morning already but scared to sleep on my sides esp on left side still. I dont experience very bad constipation.

Yess same! I realised as my baby bump gets a little bigger, my stomach tends to get cramp when i lay on my sides. I think mainly due to the weight of your tummy. And i feel better lying on my back. Reason why i cannot really have a good sleep as i keep tossing and turning

Hi Mummy, Back pain is common during pregnancy. Not sure about the cramping at 24 weeks. You might want to get checked with gynae just to be safe.

lay on side and put pillow under belly and one between legs

I experience same as you. Can try prenatal massage