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Hi mummies, how do i enroll my child i called the my first skool. They say go EDCA for waiting list..but not sure how only havs added interest. And can i also choose a few other preschool too? I have problems adding interest to when at managing they say dont have child record😅 or is there other way to enroll to waiting list?

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Yes it is true, you just have to proceed to EDCA website and register your interest in the preschools (only can select 10).But remember you will have to add your child's particulars first. The system is a bit lag behind in this. Moving from there onwards, you just key in your postal code, and select the schools which are nearer to your work place or home. That's how I manage to get a slot for my child. (:

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3mo ago

if your child is sg citizen, the system will automatically captured it. Or you may click "update child profile" to check if your baby's name is in.