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Hi Mummies. Will like to seek advices if you think the different of preschool is important at this young age? My 2 yr old boy has enrolled into a semi private preschool 2 bus stops away. There is a Sparkletots at our block but due to no vacancy so I didn’t enrol him there until they called to say there is vacancy next year (N1). My mil complain is too tedious to pick him up daily since we have a preschool at same block. But we parents really feel that the current sch is gd and boy adapting well. The cost diff is $50.Another option is to have school bus to pick him. What will u do? Or this age it doesn’t matter where they study

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I find it's even more important at this age to get a good school as I've heard lots of stories of children not being able to adapt and always feeling anxious about going to school. Plus they are not good at communicating yet so they can't tell you if something is wrong... If your child already feels happy in a school, best to stay in that school.

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I send my kid to most comfortable school. And also If i am satisfied with current school. i will not change it.

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If he is happy with current school then no point change