Two year old to start school

How old was your child when they started school? I want to send my 2 year old- is this called childcare, nursery or pre-school? It is very confusing. Can I use the money from baby bonus to pay school fee? Is the waiting list very long in Tampines? #1stimemom #momcommunity

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hi! if ur child is born in year 2018, will be nursery 1. if born in year 2019, will be playgroup. i also send my now 2.5 yrs girl in childcare since last year (previous yr was playgroup, now nursery 1). im currently using baby bonus cda card to deposit for school fees and monthly sch fees too

8months + ! ; 2yearold is playgroup! if im not wrong , u can use the baby bonus /cda acc to pay ( im not sure for private ones ) u can ask the centre! ; can put waitlist at the ecda website!! or u can try call the centre u wan to ask, sometimes the ecda website didnt update .

For 2 yo it’s playgroup, for Tampines, it will be good for you to go down to the center to enquiry. The waiting list in ECDA might not update so soon... and yes you can pay with CDA as long as the school tie with ECDA

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I'm planning to send my girl to playground when she turns 2 too! Going down to make deposit soon with baby's cda card this week. Commencement date would be 1 year later upon enrolment.

It's called a playgroup.. And yes u can use the baby bonus for that.. Waiting list depends.. U can Google up a website to see the vacancies ard ur area


it's call playgroup download the app to check I've been waiting for 1 year alreadg

better to start queuing early...can use CDA card

Don’t worry about school so much

My son started it at 3