Entertain LO At Night

Mummies, how u gonna entertain /handle baby at night if your little one doesn't wants to sleep

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Here’s the secret... don’t make it fun for baby. In order for your LO to understand that night time is for sleeping, keep it dark and quiet. Feed your LO/change diapers if needed, then it’s back to bed. Swaddle up if baby’s young, put back in the cot, and maybe pat baby to sleep. It won’t work at first and baby will fight you. But you must repeat this every night. Then soon baby will learn. During the day, bring baby out of the house to let your LO know that day time is full of activities. Talk to your LO during feeds. Play lots. When the sky is getting dark, show that there’s a change. You stop talking/playing. They start understanding “night mode” (2 months of age onwards) and will start sleeping longer at night:)

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I don't play with my lo at night, just rock him, read sing maybe

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I'll just do the usual actions whenever I wan him to sleep

Just let him be. They'll eventually wind down on their own