Working mums - how to handle work + baby after ML?

Hi all! I’m ending my ML really soon and have currently placed LO in infant care. However, I am anxious about heading back to work as LO still wakes up twice for feedings and that disrupts sleep (I cannot fall back asleep very easily). Hubby is helping with night feedings at times too. How do you working mums cope with sleep deprivation and how do you handle taking care baby at night and working? Thanks! #1stimemom #advicepls

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Hello! I actually gone through these! I returned to work when everything changed in office, was very stressful. Got worsened when my baby fall sick a few weeks after I went back to work and almost had depression. But luckily my hubby was very helpful, without him I don’t think I can go through all these! You may try to feed your baby before you go bed, and play some music for him/her see if helps to make baby sleep throughout. Do chat with friends if you feel stress and reach out to colleagues if you need help at work. They really play a very important role too! (At least for me)

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