Rashes around belly button

Hi mummies, have you suffer some rashes around your belly button? I have these rashes since 22 weeks and its super itchy at night. At first its like pinkish pimple around belly button so i did not pay attention much but now its getting worse so i quickly book apt to see my gynae tmr..

Rashes around belly button
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I had rashes and pimples from face to neck to chest to belly and back for my 1st pregnancy, complexion was terrible. I don't remember what I did but maybe you can try aloe vera gel or Topicreme. It'll be gone after the pregnancy. To compare with my other 2 pregnancies without the rash/allergies, my 1st born inherited the allergies till now she is 9yo (getting mild over the years). So I'm not sure does this pass on to baby. I'll only know after 4th one out cause I'm having rash here and there now.

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It is the hormones. Our body systems tend to change to accommodate the baby. It will be gone after baby is born😊 Always apply safe cream, lotion,gel or moisturizer Drink plenty of water. Wear light clothing. Be safe😊 Take care😉

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I did! But mine wasn’t as bad as yours, my Friend. Think you can try applying aloe vera gel for cheaper option! but it didn’t work for me, so I used Suu Balm instead! Can buy at Watson’s! :)

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Yes! But mine not as serious. Super itchy and I applied aloe vera to ease the itch. My gynae said was normal..

Change your body wash to a gentle one for sensitive skin!

Aloe vera gel helps cool it down and stop itch

No. Get some moisturizing cream.

Nope, put more moisture on it

Nope. Take care...