Any mummies go separation because of extended family issues? If hubby choose the mum and Sister? He can't get over the issues I had with them And unfair to me. My dad and mum come over my house today and Scolded him. Ask him to choose. The bowl is broken now. My mum help me a year to take care of my youngest one and he jealous about it. No respect. Today all blow up. My mum got so angry today. . His Sister is mentally sound Sister which can harm people. She ever harm me but the issues not over. She is still coming. I have 3 kids. Poor things my kids if we divorce. If separation. What is the cheapest way?

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I will leave for sure if he choose that. I know it will be hard on kids but with such husband no point living with him as well as its ao unfair for you . You can go out to work and support your child and apply FAS or any govermennt fund to help up in your situation