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Hi mummies, does your newborn (2 months) sleep through the night? If not how many times normally do she/he wake up for milk?

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Nope. I latch my baby on demand. Used to wake every 2 hours

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2month old will usually still wake up at night for milk. At least 2x if I rmb correctly

she will wake up for milk every 2-4hrs. i try not to let her sttn bc each feed intake for her is only 60mls still for almost 2months baby. ill dream feed her if she sleeps past 4hrs.

Mine 2mth now, did not sleep thru the night.. wake up at 2-3 times a night..

Yes but occasionally wakes up once or twice for feeding. She sleeps at 8.30pm though.

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Mine now 1yo don't sttn. When she nb usually wake 3 to 4 hour max. So I wake at least 3 to 5 time to latch

nope..about 2 - 3 times a night

Mine is 7mo still no sttn

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No. Every 3 hr for milkm

At 2m, mine was waking up every 3-4 hrs for feed.