Hi mummies, did anyone use infant formula- nestle Nan Optipro HA 1? Is it good for infants? I heard it's bitter.

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HA formula are hypoallergenic ones that are meant for children with cow's milk allergy because the milk protein is further broken down. If your child does not have sensitivity/allergy to cow's milk, please just stick with the normal formula like NAN Optipro 1 :)

Never heard that it's bitter before. Have you tried the milk yourself? They are usually sweet tasting, some are milder then others.

Yes I did. Great for my LO as she has reflux and eventually diagnosed with cow milk allergy - this milk worked great for her.

HA is good for allergies, I let my child consume it.. can just go for normal optipro if no allergies issue

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Formula are actually sweet tasting. I chose nan before the taste is closer to breast milk.

All formula milk are pretty much the same. It depends if it's suitable for your child.

My child have been consuming HA from stage 1 to 2, going to 3 soon. No issue so far.

HA is for allergy or sensitive tummy. Else, can just use the normal Nan optipro.

I never tasted it but I gave my baby nan optipro 1 ha and had no problems

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I used it during hospital stay. Yes ha formula tend to be in bitter side