Nan Optipro HA Stage 1

My 2 months old is drinking Nan Optipro HA. Is it normal for him to have extremely smelly poop and farts? Shoud i switch to a different brand? #1stimemom

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It's normal. My baby has been drinking Nan HA since he was a week old and yes, his poop and farts are smelly! I mix feed him with BM and FM till now at almost 6 months. Sometimes his poop is greenish too but PD says it's normal

2y ago

Does he poop 2-3 times per day?

Yup, it's the milk. My baby's poop was very greenish too & god the smell! And he pooped a no. of times in a day - loose stool. I stopped that brand and switched back to S26.

Ay! Same with my baby , Going 2 months rin sya and mix feed when I started to use Nan nagkaganyan nga poops nya smelly but farts nde naman.