Nan formula stage 3

Hi mummies whose babies are drinking Nan formula. Do u buy three optipro 3 With Ha or without Ha? Pls advise

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I buy the normal one without HA. HA is hypoallergenic, meaning gentler on the stomach for little ones with sensitive stomachs (think the milk proteins are broken down more easily). But since I’m going to transition to cow’s milk (which hs complex proteins) after some time, and since my LO does not have any allergies, I feel it’s better to transition from normal optipro to cow’s milk

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I think it depends whether you drink HA or non HA when in stage 1/2. I believe they taste different too. HA is to prevent allergy. So if ur family has history of eczema etc, can get HA

with HA. primarily because we started from stage 1 HA and follow through

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the normal ones without HA

With HA