Any mummies using NAN Optipro HA 1? Is it good?

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Its hard to say if its good. What works for others may not be the same for us. Overall milk is good and similar. The difference is the pricing and taste. Generally they are about the same. Fm here in Singapore is ridiculously over priced. Alternatively you may want to take a look at goats milk or full cream fresh milk for 1 year old and above.

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currently my son taken Nan optipro 1. following the ratio on the tin proves too heaty for my son and he gets constipation so now instead of 75ml water to 75g formula we do 80ml water to 60g formula. Feeding every 3 hrs but sometimes earlier depending on him being hungry or not.

Every child is different, I used this brand for my child and she has no issues, but my friend's son gets 'heaty' easily and has constipation constantly.. so my advice is to test it out.. and monitor their response to the brand.

HA is for hypoallergenic.. But if ur baby is no allegic background etc best dun take (its bitter) and if taking prepare for green poop.. (ard army green color)

Is your baby allergy to anything? HA is suitable for babies with allergies. Otherwise the normal optipro is fine

For my twinnies, it is recommended for them. But to each its own, every child is different

I used the normal Nan optipro but switched to another brand cos my lo had hard stools.

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Yes I have used to b .. recommend by ped it’s good , my lo loves this milk

We are using it since birth, for almost 6 months. So far no issues with it.

My child intake the nan but not ha 1. Yellow one I think is for allergy?