Hi Mummies & Daddies, Which is necessary for LO? Brain Training or Enrichment Class? TIA!

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Neither are necessary to me, what matters to me more is that my son does what he likes and is happy with the way he's living his life :)

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Enrichment classes that my LO enjoys. Can be sports, music, ballet, art/crafts or classes that LO is enthusiastic to attend

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Nothing as of now. Let my child play whatever she likes and have a happy childhood

Both are not necessary in my opinion. It is more of a personal choice.

Between these two if I had to choose I'll go for brain training.

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none. i prefer my girl to be happy and enjoying her childhood

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none. more outdoor play under the sun is essential though.

I second the mom above. Enrichment class.

For me, i would prefer enrichment class.

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enrichment classes