Which is the best enrichment class? for 5 years old child

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Best place to learn is to start from home. Doing things and activities with them. All these dont cost money. Its way more effective then sending them for enrichment classes etc. It can even be a simple day at the park. This will also strengthen the family bond. Win win situation for the family.

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My child has benefits a lot from his Berries and Phonics classes. He is more interested in the languages and shown good results in reading and recognising words. He also loves his art and piano classes too! Perhaps you can try to bring your child to trial classes to know if he/she is interested.

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I will feel, it's something out of what they learn in school. Like music, taewonko, drama, dancing, painting, etc some extra skills for them to learn instead. Something to keep interest and getting sian again for going to something similar like school.

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It depend on which area your child need help. Then you will be able to narrow down the schools you should visit to understand more on their curriculum & teaching styles

the child's home...parents alone can provide enrichment to their kids...