15 month old not eating!

My 15 month old girl went for a sudden rejection of food. She would cover her mouth or shake her head if we spoonfeed her anything. She does self feeding of plain rice and salmon in micro portion and only wants to feed herself slowly by picking tiny bit of food to eat. She also eats biscuits and bread only. We offered veg and fruits to her for self feeding but she doesn’t even touch it. What can I do to help her eat more? She is not gaining weight for the last 1 month.

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Oh man! After they turn 1 (sometimes earlier) is when they start having their own opinions and asserting themselves. Is she still taking milk? Maybe you can try the food she really likes or exposure her to different kinds of food (porridge, soup/rice, noodles, pasta, steamed whole veg etc) and see what she eats. If she used to eat everything, her taste buds are probably developing and she may have more preference for certain textures now.

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3y ago

Thanks mummy! She is still taking milk, I’ll try to make more varieties for her to try ?