milk powder during pregnancy

Hi all mummies, is it compulsory to drink milk powder / soy milk powder / maternal milk powder during pregnancy? I'm currently week 19 + day 4. Need advise on this, thanks a bunch!

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Not compulsory:) but calcium is really important, so ensure that you take enough in your diet, and supplement if needed. A well balanced diet is also needed so you get all the other vitamins and minerals you need

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I did not 😂 tried during my first pregnancy thou.. consumed only for a month and then stopped. second pregnancy i did not consume anything 😂 but baby is healthy and that's what matter

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Not compulsory. If you’re alr taking multivitamins and folic acid, milk powder might be overkill as it contains nutrients present in those pills too. Can ask your gyne tho.

I started with that...but eventually got lazy..cuz we r taking supplements already like multi vitamins n calcium n fish oil pills... i juz drink meiji low fat milk...

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Drink will be better help your baby. But sometimes i cant stand the mother milk taste I will switch to drink meiji fresh milk

nope, I drank anlene concentrate fat free ones, minimize any additional weigh gain

No but good to have enough calcium

Not compulsory.

Not a must