Hi mummies, just checking what kind of fresh milk can I take during pregnancy? Am in second trimester. Any kind of fresh milk like HL/MEIJI etc or only certain brands?

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Any fresh milk brand will do; just make sure it’s pasteurised

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Any milk is ok. But I only drink fresh milk. FYI: HL is not fresh milk. They are made from milk solids. Check out the ingredients

I drank Meiji fresh milk thru out the whole pregnancy

Had Meiji and Farmfresh. HL is too sweet.

I drink all kind of fresh milk

I had GD so my gynae asked me to stop those mummies milk cos they are sweet. Before that I finished sample tin of Dumex Mamil Mama which I found to be less sweet than others

As long as it is pasteurised

My wife drank Meiji fresh milk.

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I drink HL!

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I drinK Meiji - non fat