fresh milk for 1yo

hi mummies! my lo is turning 1 soon and i would like to let her try fresh milk. Is there any brands that is suitable for them? And can she drink low fat kind or must it be full fat milk. TIA!

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Full cream fresh milk is recommended. Any brand it’s fine as long as your LO willingly to drink, coz every brand has slight different in taste. My LO takes any brand even when we were traveling, we just get any brand that is available. In singapore, most of the time we get Marigold or Farmhouse because they always have promo for 2 or 3 tetra packs in a packet 😁

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Full cream for toddlers:) they need the fat content for their growth (unless your LO is >97th centile). Because I can’t afford to go buy milk so often, my LO drinks Marigold UHT milk .. so we buy in bulk. Heh. She also likes it and it seems thicker than fresh milk. But I think both are fine

Best would be to have full cream milk for the LO as they need fat content for their growth and development. But do try different brands and see your LO likes the taste which one the best as the taste vary little bit with the different mil brand and proportion of content involved

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Full fresh milk / UHT. Any brand it's OK. We try Meiji (too sweet for me), Paul (ok), greenfield (ok). Alternate between Paul UHT full cream milk and Greenfield fresh milk

Full cream fresh milk . Or uht is fine too .