Starting on solids

Dear mummies, I’m going to start giving baby porridge.. do I give baby milk first then porridge after he finishes his milk? (Reduce milk slightly before giving porridge)

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this is depend on individual mummy style. I replace 1 milk session for my baby meal. initial stage you have to give solid first then top up with milk as they can't swallow well. it took my girl 2 weeks to totally give her 1 meal.

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You can give the same amount of milk and give porridge in between milk feeds, around 1 hour after milk. If just starting out with solid it should just be a small amount of porridge (1-2 tablespoons)

3y ago

Okieee..Thank u so much for replying..

Hi, You can start giving small amounts of porridge between the milk feeds and gradually increase the porridge feed amount