When can start pureè?

Hi mummies, my baby is almost 5months old. She is able to hold her head up during sitting. She also can lift up her head when laying down. Can i start to give my baby this cereal?

When can start pureè?
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You can try feeding a small spoon, if baby is not ready she will push the food out with her tongue. If she's ready you can start feeding very small amount first. You can dilute with breast milk to make it quite runny.

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I started at 5 months, with PD’s recommendation. That is when baby was able to sit up and hold her head on her own.

excellent baby 🥰..but until 6months sis..it is the little cutie tummy ,might not able to digest properly yet.,

My baby’s PD mentioned that we can start giving fruit/vege purée from 4-6 months onwards. Twice daily.

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I started at 5+ months when PD gave the green light. My LO was about to sit and hold her head.

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If your baby is ready and leaning towards spoon. I started at 4mth+

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Preferably at 6 months

started ard 9 months

6M onwards