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my lo is 2mths. she cannot or refuse to lift her head during tummy time on the bed.. however she always lift her head by herself when she is lying on me chest to chest (in a way is tummy time too?) i can't get her to lift her head even on bolsters etc. worried she won't be able to strengthen her neck.....

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I never do any tummy time for my LO. And she was find. I only strengthen her legs by letting her sit on my tummy, making her sit and stand. She learn to lift her head herself. I heard people said they put their kids on the mattress or playmat. Like slowly increasing the number of minutes. Eventually the kid will get used to it.

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Most babies can't lift their head at 2 months yet, why hurry. On the chest is usually easier. My baby is better on the chest also. Just keep doing tummy time, no need to worry about whether they can lift their head. It will come when the time is right

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Lying on your chest is consider tummy time too. If not can try letting baby do tummy time on yoga ball too. It is easier to do it on the ball and my LO loves to do tummy time on yoga ball.

Dont worry, every child develop at their own pace. If still worried, raise the issue during developmental assessment.

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Don’t worry. I think it’s still a little too early.

2 months too soon, dont rush.

Let it be natural :)

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Give her some time..